When I was 7

(a collection of strung up memories, real and unreal, from the writer-poet-comic community of Spoken Word Brunei)   At 7, there were many firsts; - I saw a snake, pissed on myself and laughed like a hyena. - I had a huge crush. She was tall, slim, leggy and blonde.  Even at 7, I knew … Continue reading When I was 7


Hiya! Just a quick one to say we've been playing the name game and are now @heartwrite.co on our social media channels (FB and Instagram). Our blog will also be getting a makeover in the near future so watch out for that xx Major love to pen pal Fice KB for letting us know our … Continue reading

Fice KB

The first time I heard about Fice KB, I was at Khizanat, the home of Ipoh based creative group, Projek Rabak.  I was getting schooled by head honcho Jayzuan on the ways of the artist when he casually mentioned that a Bruneian is one of the contributors for their next poetry anthology titled Lelaki-lelaki Merbahaya … Continue reading Fice KB

The long and short of a Gypsy retreat

The day we began the Journey into Yoga retreat, the moment we arrived at Mañana Borneo Resort after a nine hour trek that involved a bus ride from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu and a short boat trip across a bay near Kota Belut, we stepped into a fulcrum in our lives, an incident that was … Continue reading The long and short of a Gypsy retreat

Joseph Tawadros

Okay we've been slack we know. We promised you guys a creative friend every month and we missed February! Our bad, but here's our March buddy who we literally hounded for this interview in Brunei (Thanks for being so gracious even though I know you just wanted to eat your post-show sandwich!) Joseph Tawadros is an … Continue reading Joseph Tawadros

Lessons on Guest Speaking

Recently, Heartwrite was invited to be part of a programme designed for new entrepreneurs who are either undergraduates or part of the Alumni at a local university.  The programme addressed the topic of using social media for business. To prepare for our talk, we discussed which part of our business story we would share.  However, … Continue reading Lessons on Guest Speaking

Dis-moi dix mots (Tell me ten words)

Every year there is a theme for the International Francophonie Day.  For 2015/16, the focus is on celebrating French's immense diversity in language and culture.  Ten terms from France, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland, Haiti and Congo, have been chosen to represent this theme; none of which, frankly speaking, we have seen before. It was Fabienne, the … Continue reading Dis-moi dix mots (Tell me ten words)