Telling stories… through jewellery!

We've been hush hush these past few months and now the cats are slowly making their ways out of the bag of collabs!  Love, love, LOVE collabs - for the way it lets us see what else is cooking in the world and taste life's other flavours. Before I babble on, I'm so pleased and … Continue reading Telling stories… through jewellery!


The French Bruneian Arts Fest (and Nina) blogged on!

Thanks for the mention!  Read up on the French Bruneian Arts Festival's Opening Ceremony last Saturday, 12th November 2016, where we launched our first book « Qu’est-ce qui est plus grand ? » It was fun to share the moment with some really talented artists from Brunei, with delectable treats by happy people of … Continue reading The French Bruneian Arts Fest (and Nina) blogged on!

Fice KB

The first time I heard about Fice KB, I was at Khizanat, the home of Ipoh based creative group, Projek Rabak.  I was getting schooled by head honcho Jayzuan on the ways of the artist when he casually mentioned that a Bruneian is one of the contributors for their next poetry anthology titled Lelaki-lelaki Merbahaya … Continue reading Fice KB

Joseph Tawadros

Okay we've been slack we know. We promised you guys a creative friend every month and we missed February! Our bad, but here's our March buddy who we literally hounded for this interview in Brunei (Thanks for being so gracious even though I know you just wanted to eat your post-show sandwich!) Joseph Tawadros is an … Continue reading Joseph Tawadros