Telling stories… through jewellery!

We’ve been hush hush these past few months and now the cats are slowly making their ways out of the bag of collabs!  Love, love, LOVE collabs – for the way it lets us see what else is cooking in the world and taste life’s other flavours.

Before I babble on, I’m so pleased and happy to say that one of our collaborations is with local boss lady, Yusrina, from ENYA BIJOUX!  We’ve called it Bookish Charms a story-inspired and for-charity jewellery line.

Bookish Charms will debut with A Folk Tale Collection.  Yusrina’s created a small number of charm bracelets, six sorts, each corresponding to a Bruneian Folk Tale.  We’ve chosen to revisit and re-imagine the tales of Si Perawai, Nakhoda Manis and Laila Mechanai, Beliau Samat and the Crocodile King’s Son, the Magic Crystal, and how the village of Burung Pingai (of the Water Village) and island of Labi Labi (in Tutong) got their names. We’ll share you the synopsis of these stories in another post!

Here’s a conversational piece of jewellery, or three!

In the early days of discussions with Yusrina, we learned about an art exhibition that Cristina Nance Yong (the illustrator for our first children’s book ‘ Qu’est-ce qui est plus grand’ !) and another talented artist, Mujahid Johar, were planning to have.  Imagine our gasps when they revealed that the art would be inspired by Malay Folk Tales.  Heavens, could this get better?, we thought.  Apparently so!

Both Cris and Jay have helped create illustrations for the stories, which we’ll include with the corresponding charm bracelet, for one.

Each bracelet comes with an illustrated synopsis of the folk tale. They make great additions to your wall display or pop them in a snail mail!

Secondly, things are getting really real!  The launch of the jewellery line is happening on Friday, 10th March 2017 (side note: slowly losing my wits with excitement!).  Every bit of profit made during the launch and the sales of both the Bookish Charms bracelets and art on auction that evening goes to two charities that really do so much good – YASKA, who help children with cancer and their families as the little ones undergo treatment, and CAS or Care and Action for Strays, who raise awareness on animal care and help take some of them in from the streets.

We’ll stop here for now to get ready for the launch.  Story on, people!


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